WhitePods Pro

With More Battery Life

Now you can listen to your favourite music for about 4 hours without having to charge this earbuds. You will appreciate that when you go to the gym or when you want to study for your exams. This is way more battery life than with the simple blackpods.

Right WhitePod Pro
Left WhitePods pro

Draadloze Verbinding

You only need to take the whitepods pro out of their wireless charging box and they're ready to be used. They connect automatically to your phone device and that makes them the best earbuds in the market.

They even sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out. 

Left White Pod Siri

Dubbeltik om Siri te activeren

When you take your WhitePods Pro out of the case, they're on and ready to be used. you can manage the different shortcuts from your mobile device so you can activate Siri automatically, pick up calls, pause the music and more.

Pop-up Function

Using the new pop-up function of the whitepods pro, you can easily connect this wireless earphones to your mobile device. After the first time it will even autoconnect to your device automatically.

white pods with apple watch
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Clean Design

The WhitePods Pro have a nice clean design in a white color that let's them stand out from other earbuds.

Man Using WhitePods Pro
Wireless charging box whitepods

Draadloze oplaadcase

When you have had a long day using the WhitePods Pro, tired and out of energy, you crawl upon your bed. The last thing you want to do is look for a charging cable to charge your wireless earphones. No worries, because our WhitePods Pro come with a wireless charging case. Just put the case on a wireless charger and wake up with fully charged WhitePods pro.

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