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quality, always has been.

Now with more talk time, voice-activated Siri access  and a new wireless charging case  WhitePods deliver an unparalleled wireless headphone experience. Listen to your favorite song while still hearing your surroundings. Simply take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices. Put them in your ears and they connect immediately.

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Connects Wireless

After a simple one-tap setup, WhitePods are automatically on and always connected. Using them is just as easy. They sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out. And the WhitePods experience is just as amazing whether you’re using them with your phone, smartwatch, tablet or your PC.

White Pod

Double tap to activate Siri

When you take your WhitePods out of the case, they're on and ready to use. When you put them in your ears, your WhitePods automatically play the audio from your device. If you take a WhitePod out, audio pauses. Take them both out and audio stops. If you're listening with one WhitePod and you take it out, the WhitePod pauses. If you put it back in your ear within 15 seconds, play resumes automatically.

Easy setup

setting the WhitePods is as easy as putting them in your ears. After opening the case, the phone immediately recognizes the Whitepods. Your phone asks wether you want to pair it with you whitepods. one click, and your listening to your favorite playlist.  

white pods with apple watch
Pop up connection white pods
White Pods in charging case

present is where we are, future is where we're headed

Slip them in your pocket and go. WhitePods feature a newly refined design that makes them so compact they fit in comfortably with the rest of your belongings. They also come in standard color options that blend right in to your daily routine.

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Wireless charging box whitepods

Wireless Charging Case

When you had a long day using the WhitePods, tired and out of energy, you crawl upon your bed. The last thing you want to do is look for a charging cable to charge your WhitePods. No worries, because this is a wireless charging case. Just put the case on a wireless charger and wake up with fully charged WhitePods. Ready to tackle the day.

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